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Dear Friends!
I have made the difficult decision to retire. I am informing you about it with the deepest appreciation of your business and friendship.
I am extremely grateful for all of your support for the past 30 years -know that I will be missing all of you very much.

I gladly refer you to Tanya(some of you know her already).She was trained under me and I am confident that she will continue to offer you the facial experience you all crave for.
You can find her info below

 Skin Balance Facial Studio
1751Hillhurst Ave, LA 90027
 for more info re her services pl text her at 424 -264- 3357

In the meantime, know that I will be missing all of you very much.

I wish you all the best, and of course, you can contact me with any questions you may have.

323- 663- 8382


I have had skin problems on and off since college and now Karina is helping me to make my skin perfect. She is very up front and honest and lets you know off the bat that beautiful skin takes time. I do have to warn you though that her facials do involve a level of pain when it comes to the extractions, but it's totally worth it when you see the results.  And sticking to her instructions for at home product usage is a must.  The products she recommends for me really work and aren't overly expensive. Karina's house is a soothing environment, she's a delightful person to spend time talking with, and her prices are very reasonable, particularly considering the care, attention, and quality products that she uses.

For healthy glowing skin, go with Karina!!! She's the best.

-Tiffany  L. (06/2012)

I highly recommend Karina's services and her products.  My forehead had been breaking out in a new and discouraging way for a while.  I went to a dermatologist as well as tried every homeopathic remedy I could find online.  I finally just went to get a facial and now, two weeks after and two new products purchased from Karina's line, my skin is smooth and plump and lovely again.  I'm going back for a peel in a couple weeks.  Karina is someone you can trust with your delicate skin.  She'll fix you right up for a very reasonable price.

-Julie H.  (07/2011)

I have been going to Karina every five weeks since I moved to Los Angeles over seven years ago. I cannot even count the number of times that I have been complimented on my skin. As someone who does not wear make-up on a regular basis, it is very important to me that my skin look good. I believe that the credit lies solely with Karina.

I spent six months living in Paris a few years ago, and during that time, I insisted my husband bring me products from Karina when he visited. She was the last appointment I made before I left, and the first place I stopped upon my return.

Last year, I spent six weeks backpacking in Asia, and returned with the worst skin I have ever suffered from in my life. I went to Karina in tears. She went straight to work, and for the next six months or so, I went every four weeks until my skin was clear again. 

I doubt that I will ever move far from Los Angeles, because the idea of trying to find someone who is even half as good as Karina leaves me cold. I cannot stress how highly I recommend her!

-Kristen Terry (April 2010)

Simply stated Karina is the best.  I found her through yelp and have been going to her every 5-6 weeks for the past year.  I've always had slightly sensitive, acne prone skin, and through Karina's patience, she has helped my skin look and feel soooo much better. At 2 different times, i had a monster zit on my chin and after seeing her, they were gone the next day.  She has also helped me take the time to be patient with my skin. She doesn't push products on you either.  I do use her products because i can see a difference in my skin. Karina is not only great for you skin, but also for your soul.  She has such a wonderful energy about her, and i always feel more balanced, calm, and happy when i leave. 
Karina's prices are super reasonable for the facials and attention she gives.
-Kat  M. (03/2011)

My skin has been referred to as "beautiful", "porcelain" and "glowing". I had a woman the other day stop me at Macy's to ask what foundation I was wearing and I had to tell her I wasn't wearing makeup. Then it hit me...I'm out in public and I'm not wearing makeup. Thank you Karina!!!! 
Don't you love it when wonderful friends share a great secret with you? That's how I met Karina. My friend met her through a friend and was blown away. She shared this nugget of wealth with her friends and now we are hooked! I visit Karina every 4 weeks to keep my skin in great shape. Her home is warm and inviting and I take my glowing skin and relaxation with me after I leave.
She is also waxing my eyebrows and keeps my skin and brows in check! I've switched my skincare completely around and use the products that she recommends and wow! My skin looks amazing!!!

-Nadya H. (03/2011)

I love Karina! I have been going to her for many years and I will continue to do so. She really knows her stuff and your face will show the results of her expertise. There have been times, usually between jobs, when I try to care for my skin on my own, but boy do I see a difference and always come back. In addition, Karina is the easiest person to talk to so the treatments go by in no time. 

-Cynthia G. (07/2010)

In one word Karina is AMAZING! 

She is so knowledgeable and obviously loves her craft. Karina is magical with her touch and caring in personality. There is something about having a facialist that is both personable and uses natural products that can make your skin glow. I have had skin problems on and off since college and now Karina is helping me to make my skin perfect. She is very up front and honest and lets you know off the bat that beautiful skin takes time. It is an investment in one's self. And let me tell you, a few appointments later and I am already looking and feeling better. I am now confident in my skin and complexion knowing that Karina is looking after it. I highly recommend her to you ladies and gentleman because she is wonderful!

-Lauren  R. (06/2010)

A facial by Karina is more than a facial.  It is a spiritual, soulful experience.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I feel refreshed and cleansed from deep within and that the fact that my face looks and feels 10 years younger must be not only because of what she does to my skin but the way her energy penetrates my entire being! The most amazing thing is that the effects of Karina last a long time!  I look and feel like a new person for weeks. She is world class, unique and masterful and her heart is as big as they come.  
-Christine Burke,  Owner/Director Liberation Yoga (October 2009)

(323) 663 8382

Karina Kara is an experienced esthetician (facialist), certified Reiki practitioner and massage therapist. She is a graduate of Western BeautyCollege (LA), The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (LA) and the American Reiki Academy.

By incorporating body and energy work, pressure point massage and aromatherapy, hot stone therapy and soothing music, the facial experience transcends the typical and becomes a restorative meditation. Skin, body, mind and spirit all receive special treatment in Karina’s expert and compassionate hands.

Karina’s commitment to creating an experience that nourishes the skin as well as the soul brings a depth and harmony to her facials that is as unique as it is essential.  These qualities have made Karina an integral part of the LA yoga community.  She provides services to students and teachers from Silver Lake Yoga, Yoga House in Pasadena, City Yoga, Glendale Yoga, Liberation Yoga and Yoga Works Larchmont.

(323) 663-8382